• The group show 'Carry On', curated by Tim Ellis is opening at FOLD gallery this Thursday, the 24th of January 2019

  • After 4 years, a major new public artwork located in Leicester Square, London, has begun installation. The project came via Modus Operandi Art Consultants. More details to follow soon when permissions allow.


  • I am pleased to announce that I recently completed wall mural for the FaceBook London headquarters as part of their FB Artist In Residence Program. You can see the commission on this site here.

  • The group show RSVP, curated by Andrea Coltman was on at No Format Gallery from 17th - 28th October 2018

  • The group show 'New Relics', curated by Tim Ellis and Rosalind Davis will be on from June 1st - 24th at Thameside Gallery, SE18 5NR.

  • I will have a work in the upcoming exhibition 'From Pablo Picasso to Robert Rauschenberg - Schenkung Heiner, Céline und Aeneas Bastian', at the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Germany. The show will run from November 12th 2017, to February 18th, 2018.

  • The group show 'In The Future', curated by Rosalind Davis opens at Collyer Bristow Gallery on the 22nd of February at 6pm. The show will run until the 14th of June.



Artist, writer and lecturer Ian Monroe was born in New York and currently lives and works in London. He received his BFA from Washington University in Saint Louis and his MA from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2002.

Monroe came to public attention in 2003 when the Saatchi Gallery featured a large-scale work from the artist's MA show. The artist was included in 'Edge of the Real' 2004, a group painting show at the Whitechapel Gallery. 'They Built Upon It' (2005) at Haunch of Venison London was accompanied by the first major catalogue of Monroe's work, including texts by poet and art critic, Barry Schwabsky. Monroe was represented by Haunch of Venison gallery in London, Berlin and Zurich and is currently working with Galeria Casado Santa Pau in Madrid. 

Monroe was commissioned by St Johns College Oxford to complete a permanent public commission for the university. He is currently working on a major commission to be located in Leicester Square in London with a completion date around 2017. In 2011 he was the recipient of the Freund Fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis, in partnership with the Saint Louis Art Museum where Monroe had his first US solo show. The work for that show can be seen on this website here.

His work has been collected extensively both privately and by major museum collections including the Saint Louis Art Museum, USA, the Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Aarhus Denmark, the Hamburger Banhof in Berlin, Germany and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon, in Leon, Spain.  

In addition to his art practice, Monroe has contributed essays to a number of publications, including “Collage, Assembling Contemporary Art”, 2008, by Black Dog Publications.




2002        M.A.     Goldsmiths, University of London, UK 

1995         B.A.     Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Solo Exhibitions 

2017         S.I.M.                                                                                     FOLD Gallery, London

2015         Glyph Graph                                                                        Horatio Junior, London 

2014         63mm                                                                                    Punk and Sheep, London 

2012         And Also The View                                                                Galeria Casado Santapau, Madrid 

2011         Currents 105, Ian Monroe                                                   Saint Louis Art Museum, St Louis

2010         NO-STOP-CITY                                                                    Galeria Casado Santapau, Madrid 

2008         The Instantaneous Everything                                               Haunch of Venison, Berlin

2007         Planit                                                                                      Haunch of Venison, London

2006         All Possibilities Are Visible But Unknown                             Upstairs Berlin, Berlin

2005         They Built Upon It                                                                  Haunch of Venison, London 

                    One For Quintus Teal                                                           Haunch of Venison, Zurich 

2003         Ian Monroe                                                                            Hammer Sidi Gallery, London


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018          New Relics                                                                             Thameside Gallery, London

                   In The Future                                                                            Collyer Bristow Gallery, London                    

2017          From Pablo Picasso to Robert Rauschenberg - Gift of         Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Germany
                                Heiner, Céline und Aeneas Bastian

                    Sea of Data                                                                           Unit 3 Projects, London 

2016          Either Those Curtains                                                             FOLD Gallery, London

                    Edition Zero                                                                           Ses Dotze Naus, Ibiza

                    The Ontology of Influence                                                    Des Lee Gallery, St Louis 

                    Imperfect Reverse                                                                  Camberwell Space, London, and Anglia Ruskin University Gallery, Cambridge

                    Shelfie                                                                                    Delta House, Wimbledon 

2015          Out of the Darkness                                                               ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark

                    Between Thought and Space                                                Dilston Grove, London

2014          Between Thought and Space                                                Camberwell College of Arts, London 

2013          With Torch and Spear                                                           Winchester College of Art, Winchester

                    Image/Object                                                                       Furini Arte Contemporanea, Rome

2012          Parallel Universe                                                                    Charlie Dutton Gallery. London

                    Everything But                                                                        Don Omladine Gallery, Belgrade

                    Daydreaming With . . .                                                          Artistree, Hong Kong

2011          As The World Turns, New Art From London                        Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney

                    Common Logic                                                                      Image Music Text Gallery, London

2010         Dawnbreakers                                                                        John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton

                   The Marienbad Palace                                                          Highlanes Gallery, Droichead Arts Centre, Dublin

                   Surface Warp Factor                                                             Aubin Gallery, London 

                   Daydreaming                                                                         Haunch of Venison, London

                   Beskrivelse Uden Sted Gallerie                                            Møller Witt, Aarhus, Denmark

                   Terminator                                                                              Camberwell College of Art, London

2009        On The Line                                                                            Crimes Town Gallery, London

                   Straylight Cavern                                                                   Cell Projects, London

                   Hypersurface FX                                                                    Margini Arte, Massa, Italy 

2008        Straylight Cavern                                                                   Cooper Gallery, Dundee 

                   Take Me There - Show Me The Way                                   Haunch of Venison, New York 

                   Recent Developments in Painting                                         Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen

                   HyperSurface                                                                        OVADA, Oxford

                   Schil/Ders                                                                             De Constant Rebecqueplein, The Hague, Netherlands

                   HyperSurface                                                                        Rod Barton Invites, London

                   Parallax                                                                                 Fieldgate Gallery, London

2007         Existencias                                                                            Museo De Arte Contemporaneo De Castilla Y Leon, Leon, Spain

                   Design for Living                                                                   Initial Access, Wolverhampton

                   Raumwelten                                                                          Kunsthalle Arnstadt, Germany

                   Odd Spaces                                                                         Møller Witt, Aarhus, Denmark

2006         Recent Acquisitions                                                              Hamburger Banhof Museum, Berlin

                   The City is Not a Tree                                                           Alon Segev Gallery, Tel-Aviv

                   Slider                                                                                     Cell Projects, London

2005         Utopian Architecture                                                            Upstairs Berlin, Germany 

                   Infrastructure                                                                          Studio Voltaire, London

                   Winterzauber                                                                        Upstairs Berlin, Germany

2004         Edge of the Real                                                                   Whitechapel Gallery, London

                   Selected Sculpture                                                                Max Wigram Gallery, London

                   Cinderella                                                                              Trailer Projects, London

                   Contra Pop                                                                            Vamiali Gallery, Athens

2003         Bag Lady                                                                               Cell Projects, London

                   Reduced                                                                                 Century Gallery, London

                   Debris                                                                                    Martinez Gallery, New York

                   Godzilla                                                                                Trailer Projects, London

                   Saatchi Gallery Opening                                                     County Hall, London

                   The Queen Mum Show                                                        One in the Other Gallery, London

                   Chockerfuckinblocked                                                          Jeffery Charles Gallery, London

                   RSVP                                                                                      5 Cork Street, London

2002         Present                                                                                   Lotta Hammer Gallery, London

                    The Way to Happiness                                                        VTO, London

                    Trailer Presents                                                                     Trailer Projects, London

                    Lend us £100m                                                                    Dingley Road, London


Selected Collections

Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis, USA

Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark

Hamburger Banhof, Marx Collection, Berlin, Germany

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Germany

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon, Leon, Spain

Kemper Museum of Art, Saint Louis, USA

Saatchi Collection UK, Zabludovich Collection UK, Peter Norton Collection USA, Simmons and Simmons Collection UK, Berge Collection, Spain

Various private collections in UK, Europe, Asia, and North America


Public Commissions

2013         Edwardian Leicester Square, to be completed 2018, awarded via Modus Operandi Art Consultants

2012         Equivalents, an Arts Council project for the Cultural Olympiad 

2010         Palimpsest, The Kendrew Quadrangle Screen, St John’s College, Oxford. awarded via Modus Operandi Art Consultants 

2009         Short-listed for the Northern Headhouse Commission, 2012 Olympic Park, London awarded via Modus Operandi Art Consultants

2007         Planit an Artist Intervention Commissioned by Vienna Art Week and the City of Vienna



2016         Artist in Residence, Ses Dotze Naus, Ibiza, Spain

2012          Artist in Residence, Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy

2011          Henry L. and Natalie E. Freund Teaching Fellowship and Exhibition, in partnership with Washington University in St. Louis and the St. Louis Art Museum

1999          Resident Artist, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, Nebraska 

1995          Eliot Scholar, Washington University in St. Louis


Published Writing

2018           The Trouble With Shapes, an essay about the artwork of Juan Bolivar. Published in the solo show catalog to accompany the show 'High Voltage' at JGM Gallery, London.  

2008          Where Does One Thing End And The Next Begin? Commissioned essay for Collage: Assembling Contemporary Art, by Black Dog Publishing

2006          The Infinity Pool Contradiction, A conversation between Ian Monroe and Suhail Malik, 2006. Published in the catalog to accompany the show ‘All Possibilities Are Visible But Unknown’, Upstairs Berlin Gallery


Selected Reviews 

2015          A-N Magazine Online                   ‘Between Thought and Space’, Manjinder Sidhu, June 7,

2012          The Guardian                                  ‘Creative Boom’, Katy Cowan, February 9

2008          Turps Banana                                  ‘Hypersurface’, Sarah Douglas, Issue 4, October

2007          The Independent on Sunday          ‘The Conquest of Space’ Charles Darwent

                     ArtUS                                              ‘Ian Monroe’ Maria Zimmermann, May/June

                     Lowdown Magazine                     ‘Ian Monroe, The Infinity of the Moment as Space’, Thomas Marecki, Nr. 55 February-March

                     Allegemeiner Anzeiger                  ‘Podium fur Junge Kunstler’, January 

2006           Modern Painters                             ‘A Walk on The Wild Side’, Roger Tatley, Feb 

                     Lapiz. Revista Internacional,         ‘de Arte Ian Monroe’, David Ulrichs, December

2005           Art Review                                      ‘Future Greats’, December

                     Art Review                                      ‘The Walls Came Down’ Jay Merrick, July  

2004           Modern Painters                            ‘All in the Best Bad Taste’ Sally O’reilly, Dec-Jan

2003           Art Monthly                                    ‘Anyway’ Bruce Haines, May 2004, number 276

                     Contemporary                                ‘The Queen Mum Show’, Jamie Lau, issue 53/54

                     The Times                                        ‘New Blood at RA Summer Show Gets Old Blood Boiling’ Dalya Alberge, May 29

                     The Royal Academy Magzine      ‘Summer Exhibition’ Sebastian Smee, number 79

                     Arena                                              'The Boom’, Tom Morton, July, number 136

                     The Spectator                                 ‘Formidable Power’, Andrew Lambirth, May 17

                     Art Review                                       ‘Saatchi’s New Sensation’, Meredith Etherinton-Smith, May

                    Evening Standard                           ‘The Saatchi Effect’ Hephzibah Anderson, April 18

                    The Observer                                  ‘Space Traveller’, Alison Roberts, April 20

                    Telegraph Magazine                      ‘Adventures in Saatchiland’, Colin Gleadell, March 29

2002          The Sunday Times                           ‘Saatchi’s Rival to the Tate Takes Shape’ Richard Brooks, September 8

                    Time Out London                             ‘Present’ Martin Herbert, October 23

                    Art Review                                        ‘New Art Graduates, Class of 2002’, June 


Solo Show Catalogs

2006          All Possibilities Are Visible But Remain Unkown, published by Upstairs Berlin Gallery, Berlin. Texts by Harriet Häußler, Georgia Holz and Suhail Malik

2005         They Built Upon It, published by Haunch of Venison, London. Featuring ‘Ian Monroe’s Architecture’ by Barry Schwabsky, and ‘All in The Best Bad Taste’, by Sally O’Reilly

                    Ian Monroe, published by Haunch of Venison, London. Featuring ‘Twelve Footnotes’, by Tom Morton


Group Show Catalogs

2014          Between Thought and Space, Camberwell Press

2010          Dawnbreakers John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton. ISBN 978 08 5432909 0

2008          Collage, Assembling Contemporary Art, published by Black Dog Publishing, London. Featuring the essay Where Does One Thing Begin and The Next End? by Ian Monroe.

                    Take Me There - Show Me The Way, published by Haunch of Venison, New York

                    Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks; Recent Developments in Painting, published by Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2007          MUSAC, Volume 2  published by Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon, Spain. Work from the Museum’s permanent collection.  ISBN 978 84 935781 2 1

                    Collection Berge, published by the Berge Foundation.

2005          Utopian Architecture published by Upstairs Berlin Gallery, Berlin. Essay by Aeneas Bastian

                    Triumph of Painting published by the Saatchi Gallery, London. Essay by Barry Schwabsky


Lectures and Symposiums

2016             Lecture, 'Material and Immateriality; negotiating the role of the maker in the 21st century', Wimbledon College of Art, UAL, London

2015             5 day Seminar, 'Material and Immateriality; negotiating the role of the maker in the 21st century', Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, London

                       5 day Seminar, 'Material and Immateriality; negotiating the role of the maker in the 21st century', Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, London

2014             Visiting Lecturer, University of Brighton, BA Fine Art, Brighton

2013             ‘Global Futures Speakers Series’, University of Southampton, Winchester

                       Visiting Artist, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge 

2012             Associate Lecturer, Camberwell College of Art, BA Sculpture, London

                       Symposium ‘Craft After De-Skilling, Do Artists Need To Know How To Make Things?’, Camberwell College, London

2011             Henry L. and Natalie E. Freund Teaching Fellowship and Exhibition, in association with Washington University in St. Louis and the St. Louis Art Museum

                        Visiting Tutor, Goldsmiths, BA Fine Art, University of London

2009             Visiting Artist, Oxford University, The Ruskin School, Oxford

                       Visiting Artist, University of Kent, Canterbury

                       Visiting Artist, Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts, London

                       Visiting Artist, West Kent College, School of Art and Design, Tonbridge

2007             Lecture; ‘Anxious Landscapes: Spaces of Abandonment and Decay’ The Royal Academy of Arts Architecture Programme: RA Forum

                       Visiting Artist, Camberwell College of Art, London